[KK] Kitty Katt atagR posted Aug 21, 16

Now that I am around more, I am now working on doing some updates to my website.  I have now taken care of responding to open site applications (a couple were canceled to due extreme age) and I have also taken care of pending friend requests.

You may now notice a KKW Wiki link in the top menu.  I have just created and added this module today (August 21, 2016), so there is nothing but the Home Page for it right now.  I will be working on this in the following weeks as time permits.  If you have a suggestion for the wiki, please click the Contact Kitty link in the top menu.  For Question #3 (What type of support is needed?), there is an option (I would like to suggest an entry for the wiki) to choose that will allow you to submit your suggestion.

I have also gone through and cleaned up modules no longer in use.  The KKW Featured Website is no more as well.  As there have not been any new requests for a year, I felt that it was not worth keeping.

I will post more information on updates in this News as they happen.

Thank you,